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Destination Weddings

Country, Beach, City Chic?

Searching for a destination wedding spot? Looking for picturesque mountaintops, rustic barns and endless skies, upscale vineyards or white sand beaches? Finding the perfect place to match your lifestyle and budget is not easy.  Lone Star Travel is there to help find the perfect place to make your dreams become a reality.

Visit our own family owned wedding venue in the mountains of Montana - the Summer Star Ranch. Find out how our award winning venue can make your wedding dreams come true. You'll be blown away by the experience where "Country Chic meets the Wild West. 


Honeymoon planning should be exciting and stress free. If your idea of the perfect honeymoon is a romantic city getaway to London or Paris, an all inclusive spa experience on a Caribbean island, or an exciting Safari adventure to Africa, or a vacation that is uniquely YOU, there is no need to spend your days frantically searching and planning the details. Let Lone Star Travel's expert travel planners match your ideas with just the right experience and take care of the details for you.

Special Events 

Birthdays, Anniversary, Graduations Celebrations happen in every family. Why put the burden on one person to make all of the arrangements. Lone Star Travel has just the right people to plan a unforgettable celebration for you. Maybe cruising to Bermuda for a 50 anniversary is on your list or celebrating your daughter's  graduation from law school with a European grand tour or spending the weekend at a mountain resort to celebrate grandma's 80th birthday with the family. Whatever you wish for  - we at Lone Star Travel can make it come true.  

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